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Layout of housekeeping department
 The layout of the housekeeping department is the physical demarcation of areas in the department.
 When the layout is well-planned, it enables the smooth functioning of the department.
 The layout is dependent on the size of the hotel as well as physical space restrictions.
 Normally, the layout is decided by the executive housekeeper, at the facility planning stage in setting up the hotel.

 The following factors are taken into consideration when deciding on the area and layout:

  •  Total number of guestrooms
  •  Number of function rooms and number of food-and-beverage outlets
  •  Amount of manpower required
  •  Volume of business anticipated
  •  Number of jobs contracted out.
  •  Flow of traffic (people and equipment)

The following areas constitute the layout of a housekeeping department:

  1.  Executive housekeeper’s cabin
  2.  Secretary’s cabin
  3.  Desk Control Room
  4.  Lost and found Section
  5.  Housekeeping Stores
  6.  Florist’s room
  7.  Linen and Uniform room
  8.  Linen Store
  9.  Sewing room
  10.  Floor Pantry/Maid’s service room


Housekeeping Job description
Sample housekeeping job description. Housekeepers are employed either in a private home or in a commercial environment such as a hotel. Duties will vary according to the employment environment but the basic tasks and skills required to perform the housekeeping job remain the same.

 The sample housekeeper job description lists these common tasks and requirements and also identifies the additional tasks and skills required for a housekeeping job in a domestic environment and in a commercial service.

  •  General Purpose

To maintain a clean, sanitary, comfortable and tidy environment for either private households or commercial establishments.

  • Main Job Tasks And Responsibilities

  1. sweep, scrub, mop and polish floors
  2. vacuum clean carpets, rugs and draperies
  3. shampoo carpets, rugs and upholstery
  4. dust and polish furniture and fittings
  5. clean metal fixtures and fittings
  6. empty and clean trash containers
  7. dispose of trash in a sanitary manner
  8. clean wash basins, mirrors, tubs and showers
  9. wipe down glass surfaces
  10. make up beds and change linens as required
  11. tidy up rooms
  12. wash windows as scheduled
  13. sort, wash, load and unload laundry
  14. iron and press clothing and linen
  15. sort, fold and put away clean laundry
  16. operate mechanized cleaning equipment
  17. maintain all cleaning equipment and materials in a safe and sanitary working condition
  18. monitor and report necessary domestic repairs and replacements
  19. Domestic Housekeeper

  • In addition to the above a housekeeper employed in a private household may perform some or all of the following duties:

  1. check and purchase groceries and household supplies to maintain adequate levels
  2. maintain record of related expenditure
  3. plan and cook meals for employer
  4. care for household pets
  5. polish silverware
  6. wash dishes and clean kitchen according to agreed hygiene standards
  7. clean appliances
  8. run errands for employer
  9. answer telephone and take messages
  10. take care of children.


  •  In addition to general housekeeping tasks the housekeeper duties in a hotel or similar environment will include:

  1. clean corridors, lobbies, stairways, elevators and lounges as well as guest rooms
  2. organize work schedule from the room status list, arrivals and departures
  3. distribute linen, towels and room supplies using wheeled carts or by hand
  4. restock room supplies such as drinking glasses, soaps, shampoos, writing supplies, mini bar
  5. replace dirty linens with clean items
  6. inspect and turn mattresses regularly
  7. store all dirty laundry in line with company policy
  8. monitor guest laundry bags
  9. replace laundry bags and slips
  10. check all appliances in rooms are in working order
  11. realign furniture and amenities according to prescribed layout
  12. respond to guest queries and requests
  13. respond to calls for housekeeping problems such as spills, broken glasses
  14. deliver any requested housekeeping items to guest rooms
  15. remove room service items
  16. organize and restock cart at the end of the shift
  17. ensure confidentiality and security of guest rooms
  18. follow all company safety and security procedures
  19. report any maintenance issues or safety hazards
  20. observe and report damage of hotel property
  • Key Competencies

  1. attention to detail
  2. customer focus
  3. reliability
  4. listening skills
  5. adaptability
  6. planning and organizing
  7. team work
  8. integrity
  9. honesty
  10. high energy levels


Housekeeping department duties
 A housekeeping department might not be as celebrated as income-generating positions such as sales, but housekeeping employees are essential to keeping businesses running smoothly. Some businesses, such as hotels and hospitals, might have large housekeeping departments. Smaller companies that own their own buildings and government organizations, including schools, are likely to have at least a few people on the housekeeping payroll. No matter what, the duties of a housekeeping department remain the same.

  • Basic Duties

 In general, housekeeping departments are in charge of keeping buildings clean. They sweep, mop, dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms. Housekeeping staff also clean windows and public areas, and they often remove trash and deposit it in the building's dumpsters. Many refill toilet paper rolls and hand soap in the bathrooms, and keep an eye out for issues such as burned-out light bulbs that need replacing, sometimes changing the bulbs or telling maintenance about the issues.

  • Hotels

 In addition to basic duties, hotel housekeeping employees change sheets and make beds in the guest rooms. They keep the rooms stocked with clean cups, coffee supplies, towels and other bathroom items, such as shampoo. These staff members often must pass background checks because they have access to guests' private belongings, including cash and jewelry left in the rooms. In the laundry room, some housekeeping employees wash, dry and fold sheets and towels. Housekeeping staff often deliver additional items guests request, such as extra pillows or blankets.

  • Hospitals

 Hospitals need housekeeping professionals who understand the importance of sanitizing a space rather than just cleaning it; these employees must understand proper sanitation practices to keep the spread of infection within the hospital to a minimum. They change sheets and clean up messes, often consisting of bodily fluids. Hospital housekeeping employees must be trained in maintaining confidentiality; they are often in hospital rooms when the patients are there, sometimes with doctors or family members discussing care options. They also might be required to wash and restock scrubs, sheets, blankets and towels throughout the hospital.

  • Corporate or Government Buildings

 In other corporate or government buildings, housekeeping departments often manage outdoor common areas such as courtyards or parking lots, sweeping up debris and emptying outdoor trash bins. These employees might clean areas specific to the building, such as kitchens used in break rooms or meeting rooms. The housekeeping staff members might be required to set up the meeting rooms in different configurations as requested, moving tables, chairs and electronic equipment. Many of these employees work after hours, cleaning when the other employees or students have gone home for the evening.


Front office is the most visible segment of any hotel industry which is strategically located right at the entrance of the hotel building within the high traffic lobby area. It is regarded as the nerve centre of any hotel. It is attractively designed and sufficiently equipped to perform the necessary formalities related to arriving and departing guest.
It is the place where the travelers/visitors come into contact with the hotel for the very first time. It is solely responsible for the sale of hotel accommodation method of reservation, followed by reservation and assigning accommodation to guest.

Front desk personnel play crucial role in giving the first assurance to an arriving guest. The impression crested here can very often influence the entire period of guest stay in the hotel. They are also the last to see a guest off in a happy frame of mind. This department not only deals with the above functions, but also deals with guest relation, guest comfort and convenience.

The Front office is the nerve center of a hotel. Members of the front-office staff welcome the guests, carry their luggage, help them register, give them their room keys and mail, answer questions about the activities in the hotel and surrounding area, and finally check them out. In fact, the only direct contact most guests have with hotel employees, other than in the restaurants, is with members of the front-office staff.

 Front office system
1. Non-automated: It is run by the mechanical equipment such as reception and key racks, paper file, manual key and all paper works. This system is mostly operated by the small category hotels and other business industries.
2. Semi-automated: it is run by the machines such as room rack and key rack with light system, posting machine, ECR, typewriter, fax machine and other support devices, etc. This system mostly operated by medium category hotel and other accommodation industries.
3. Full-automated: It is fully run by the aid of the modern computer system with the help of software. This system has done away with the room rack and guest rack. The computer terminals have replaced them with all the information of guest check-in and check-out. It is equipped with printer, telephone, internet, credit card processer, voice mail/ message, room service alert, emergency siren, etc. This system is operated by large hotel and other accommodation industries.



 1. Deal with room reservation request.
 2. Prepare guest arrival and departure.
 3. Check-in arriving guest.
 4. Receive guest and help them to complete registration formalities.
 5. Help in marketing and sales and promotion strategies.
 6. Deals with various inquiries and information of in-house and out-house activity.
 7. Settle account and departing guests.
 8. Deals with mail, message and paging of guest.
 9. Keep relevant guest record.
 10. Produce daily report and statistics.
 11. Take action and be the center of coordination during emergencies.
 12. Handle guest complaints.
 13. Co-ordinate paging the guest.
 14. Deal with accident and unusual event.
 15. Handle and control guest key.

Front office personnel
 1. Front office manager
 2. Assistant front office manager
 3. Front office supervisor
 4. Information assistant
 5. Reservation assistant
 6. Receptionist
 7. Night auditor
 8. Front office cashier

Essential attributes of front office personnel
 1. Personal hygiene
 2. Personal grooming
 3. Language
 4. Calmness
 5. Diplomacy
 6. Retention ability
 7. Good manner
 8. Cheerfulness
 9. Physical fitness and posture
 10. Quick decision making ability
 11. Communication and responsiveness


Lobby is the area located inside the entrance of a hotel building with sitting arrangements for guests/ visitors to meet and wait. It is synonym to the word ‘foyer’, which means a white passage or large hall just inside the entrance of a public building. The dimension and design of this area rely upon the size and design of the building. Basically, lobby area must be furnished with all necessary facilities, e.g. lobby desk, bell desk, travel desk, GRE desk,  reception desk, front office cash counter, elevators, and news stand, cigar stand, business center, magazine rack, intercom and pay phone, pastry shop, safety lockers, etc.

 The lobby is the first, and very often the last, point of contact for guest/ visitors and the hotel. Thus, hotel management attempts to make the lobby appear attractive and convenient. Perhaps, the lobby is not a department or section, it is  a part of the hotel, and its operational activities come under the direct/indirect control of front office department. In the lobby area, all the sections for uniformed service are primarily positioned for guest services in hospitality manner, such as bell attendants, hall poster, concierge, lift attendant and luggage porter/ chauffeur. Hugh degree of attention and care should be given by these section while offering these service.

 Function of uniform service in the hotel lobby are:

  • to receive and  welcome the guest and escort them to reception for registration formalities.
  • to maintain cordial relation with the guests.
  • to secure and carry luggage and baggage of the guest.
  • to handle parking service for guest vehicles.
  • to page the guest when required.
  • to give necessary information to guest about hotel rules, services, bedroom units/contents, etc.
  • to handle errand card stickers or tags for guest luggage, baggage and packages.
  • to make the list of check-in and check-out record of the guest on daily basis.
  • to check the room status in the case of room discrepancy.
  • to observe and control the unusual event such as, scanty baggage, skipper, etc.
  • to handle postal and left luggage services.


Job description of lobby manager {F/O}
Report to: front office manager

Supervises and assign duty roster for F/O attendant, Concierge, Bell Counter, Guest Relations and Business Center. Responsible for VIP movement in the Hotel.

Duties and responsibilities 

  • Greets the VIP guests of the hotel. As directed by the Front office Manager, Performs special services for VIP Guest’s.
  • Assists in VIP’s arrival departure in absence of guest relation officers.
  • Checks cleanliness of lobby and public areas, lights and as well as front office staff in proper and orderly appearance and behavior.
  • Checks on registration cards of arriving guests and ensures all information should be filled on each cards either by Guest Relation Officers or the guests.
  • Assists in sending guest messages or faxes.
  • Gives the instructions to the Night Reception, during the high occupancy periods, regarding: walk-in guests and release room blocked because of no- shows
  • Assists in handling room lock problems.
  • Prepares and checks for VIP’s arrival and escorts guests to rooms.
  • Co-ordinates with all departments concerned in order to maintain Front Office functions properly.
  • Operates the front office computer system in order to assist front office attendants.
  • Checks group department, fit and ensure switchboard makes appropriate wake up calls.
  • Handles guest complaints and other related problems and reports on the Assistant Manager’s log book.
  • Assists reception, business centre, cashier, concierge and bell captain during they are busy.
  • Answers guests inquires, handles complaints and attend to the needs of the guests.
  • Approves and sign for allowances, rebates etc., as required by Front Office Cashier.
  • Authorizes charges to be made for late departures and/or compliments on them.
  • Promotes and maintains good public relations.
  • Motivates and maintains good staff relations.
  • Maintains and be guided of hotel policy on credit/lost and found hotel guests properties.
  • Follows up in credit check report, liaise with credit manager.
  • To responsible for front office operation during the absence of Front Office Manager.
  • To discuss all matters that needed to follow up with the next shift Reception Manager.
  • Approves the working schedule for the front office attendants and submits them to front office manager.
  • Conducts and ensures the neat of appearance of front office attendant as well as correct attitude and behavior, discusses problems that encountered on this point with front office manager, assistant front office manager and their shift leaders.
  • Assigns and Approves Duty roster for all Front desk staffs.