Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Layout of housekeeping department
 The layout of the housekeeping department is the physical demarcation of areas in the department.
 When the layout is well-planned, it enables the smooth functioning of the department.
 The layout is dependent on the size of the hotel as well as physical space restrictions.
 Normally, the layout is decided by the executive housekeeper, at the facility planning stage in setting up the hotel.

 The following factors are taken into consideration when deciding on the area and layout:

  •  Total number of guestrooms
  •  Number of function rooms and number of food-and-beverage outlets
  •  Amount of manpower required
  •  Volume of business anticipated
  •  Number of jobs contracted out.
  •  Flow of traffic (people and equipment)

The following areas constitute the layout of a housekeeping department:

  1.  Executive housekeeper’s cabin
  2.  Secretary’s cabin
  3.  Desk Control Room
  4.  Lost and found Section
  5.  Housekeeping Stores
  6.  Florist’s room
  7.  Linen and Uniform room
  8.  Linen Store
  9.  Sewing room
  10.  Floor Pantry/Maid’s service room

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