Lobby is the area located inside the entrance of a hotel building with sitting arrangements for guests/ visitors to meet and wait. It is synonym to the word ‘foyer’, which means a white passage or large hall just inside the entrance of a public building. The dimension and design of this area rely upon the size and design of the building. Basically, lobby area must be furnished with all necessary facilities, e.g. lobby desk, bell desk, travel desk, GRE desk,  reception desk, front office cash counter, elevators, and news stand, cigar stand, business center, magazine rack, intercom and pay phone, pastry shop, safety lockers, etc.

 The lobby is the first, and very often the last, point of contact for guest/ visitors and the hotel. Thus, hotel management attempts to make the lobby appear attractive and convenient. Perhaps, the lobby is not a department or section, it is  a part of the hotel, and its operational activities come under the direct/indirect control of front office department. In the lobby area, all the sections for uniformed service are primarily positioned for guest services in hospitality manner, such as bell attendants, hall poster, concierge, lift attendant and luggage porter/ chauffeur. Hugh degree of attention and care should be given by these section while offering these service.

 Function of uniform service in the hotel lobby are:

  • to receive and  welcome the guest and escort them to reception for registration formalities.
  • to maintain cordial relation with the guests.
  • to secure and carry luggage and baggage of the guest.
  • to handle parking service for guest vehicles.
  • to page the guest when required.
  • to give necessary information to guest about hotel rules, services, bedroom units/contents, etc.
  • to handle errand card stickers or tags for guest luggage, baggage and packages.
  • to make the list of check-in and check-out record of the guest on daily basis.
  • to check the room status in the case of room discrepancy.
  • to observe and control the unusual event such as, scanty baggage, skipper, etc.
  • to handle postal and left luggage services.

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