Wednesday, April 20, 2016


We can categorize the service methods in five types:

  A. Table Service
  B. Assisted service
  C. Self‐ service
  D. Single point service
  E. Specialized or in suit service

 A. Table Service: In this category, the guest enters in the area and is seated. Menu lists are given or displayed for orders. The orders are been taken by waiter/waitress. Then the service is done using a laid cover on the table. The following are the types of service come under this categories are:

  • English service
  • French service
  • Silver service 
  • American/Plate service
  • Russian service
  • Gueridon service

 B. Assisted Service: In this type of category, the guest enters in the dining area and helps himself to the food, either from a buffet counter or he may get served partly at table by waiter/waitress and he collects any extras he needs from the counter. Eating may be done on either at table, standing or in lounge area/ banquet hall.

  • Buffet service

 C.Self Service: In this type of service, the guest enters in the dinning area, selects his own tray or from the food counter and carries food by himself to his seating place.

  •  Cafeteria Service

 D.Single Point Service: In this category, the guest orders, pays for his order and gets served all at a single point. There may be may not be any dinning area or seats.  The different types are:

  • Take away
  • Food counter
  • Vending

 E.Specialized Service: In this category the guest is served at the place, which is not meant or designated for food & beverage service (i.e. guest rooms or any special area).

  • Room Service (Centralized/Decentralized)
  • Grill Room Service
  • Tray service
  • Trolley service
  • Home‐Delivery
  • Lounge Service

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