1.Main kitchen
 Main kitchen is probably located at the central part of hotel where overall sequence of food receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, serving and clearing areas are properly designed and managed. Technically, it is known as central kitchen having many sections. Hence, it may occupy a large space. This kitchen provides wide range of food varieties e.g. Indian, continental, oriental, Mexican, Italian, etc. through its respective section with the help of skilled/semi-skilled culinary crafts persons called chef-de-parties and commie cooks.

 A main kitchen is usually located adjacent to room service, service bar, store, pantry stillroom, bakery, butchery etc. for efficient work flow. It may have both a’ la crate and table d’ hotel menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This kitchen may serve up to three or four line dining restaurants simultaneously. There is often a separate kitchen for banquet and other activities.

 Basically, main kitchen is divided into the following sections:

  • The hot sections (the main cooking areas)
  • Still room
  • The vegetable preparation area
  • The cold section
  • The pastry/bakery section
  • The butchery section
  • Attached cleaning and washing area (kitchen steward)
  • Cold provisional store
  • Head chef’s office
  • The larder
  • Temporary kitchen

 2.Satellite kitchen
 Satellite kitchen is constructed and established to cater to a particular outlet where the main kitchen cannot cater due to its location disadvantage. Largely, this kitchen can organize most of the preparation work in its own kitchen. However, it may depend upon the main kitchen for various other things such sauce, stocks, gravies, pastas, etc. usually such a chef commands over this kitchen. This kitchen becomes a must for specialty restaurants such Andean, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Nepalese, etc. which are located away from the main kitchen.

 3.Fast food kitchen
 Fast food kitchen is influenced by American catering technology, i.e. fast food to lead a fast life. Fast food was developed from original fish and chips concept at that time. But modern catering mostly provides dry and light food. It is independently established to meet the pace of customers’ busy life. It is specially located at the public area (lobby level) of a hotel, or out of hotel where either food is taken away or consumed at the fast food lounge area.

 Most of the fast food establishments may be found in retail and leisure areas and in road side service complexes, airport lounge, railway stations, and at some events where mobile hamburger and hot-dogs stalls are traditionally seen.

 It provides varieties of dry and light meals like burger, sandwich, fish and chips pizza, snacks, grilled meat/fish/shellfish, cold and hot beverages, etc.

 The characteristics of fast food kitchen are as follows:

  • Highly equipped with standard equipments.
  • Fully skilled employees.
  • Pre-cooked food at reasonable price range.
  • Established anywhere to cater to the fashionable customers.
  • Products offered can be cooked quickly and held in the short-term without deteriorating.
  • Mostly pre-plated service.
  • Adequate miser-en-place.
  • Large turn out of customers.
  • Precise portion control.

 4.Display kitchen
 In this kitchen food is prepared and cooked in full open view of customers, which appeals to the eyes, palate and dining experience of the consumers. At the same time, the sizzle and aroma of food item adds to the pleasure of eating e.g. grill Room. The hygiene, sanitation and décor of the kitchen, as well as the skill and showmanship of the staff in particular may determine the sale of such kitchens. This kitchen also seeks the support of the main kitchen for various items. It is headed by soups chef/ chef de parties.
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