In simple term, It is the process of preparing food raw into cooked.
Food production in catering term simply refers to the food preparation and control. This is a sub department of food and beverage department in a large hotel comprises of various kitchens concerning mainly with the continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine. In the food production cycle, these kitchen receive the core or ready-made ingredients, processing them through the preparing and cooking methods, and deliver them via various service outlets to the customer table. This sub-department is designed providing the several section include preparation area, cooking area, storage area, cleaning area, etc. Hence, these section play a vital role in preparing dishes in order to the acquired recipes mentioned in different menus.

In culinary terminology, the term food preparation and control refer to make the ingredients ready for the preparation and cooking at the required quantity and quality simultaneously. This is a vital unit, which is structurally defined as the sub department of F&B department in the hotel industry. From the commercial view point, it contributes major revenue in any catering business.

It is one of the largest areas of food and beverage department comprising of various kitchens and their sections. The number of kitchens, manpower and work efficiency depends upon the size and type of the hotel and the types of meal and service to the catered. There may be continental, Oriented, Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc. Kitchens including ancillary sections, e.g. cold kitchen, butchery, still room, service areas, etc. However, this sub-department produces the food that adopts the system of preparation and control, from the receipts of food supply to service of prepared food to the customer.

The term kitchen is derived from the French word “Cuisine” which literally means Art of cooking or food preparation in the kitchen. But in the modern concept of catering the cuisine not only refers to Art of cooking foods in the kitchen, it also indicates the style of service offered to sere the food.
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