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Types of hotel or Classification of hotels
 There are many types of hotel we can found in this new technological generation, such are classified according to their size, location, target markets, levels of service , facilities provided, number of rooms , ownership and affiliation etc.

 1.Size - Or number of rooms

 a) Under 200 rooms
 b) 200 to 399 rooms
 c) 400 to 700 rooms
 d) More than 700 rooms

 These categories enable hotels of similar size to compare operating procedures and statistical results.

 2. Location

 a)Downtown / Commercial / City hotel
               These hotels are situated at the heart of city.

                This hotel are eco-friendly commercial hotel, basically designed for long  stag guest entitled from hill, bank of the river, where the natural beauty has its significances.

  c) Transit Hotel
                 Transit hotel are usually located such as airport, railway, station, bus station, harbor or ports to catering the passenger. Airport hotel an example of transit hotel.

 d) Motel
                 In simple motel means the hotel situated by the side of highways
 e) Sub-urban Hotel
                      Sub-urban hotel located away from city center.

 3. Levels Of service

 a) World class service: - These are also called luxury / Five Start hotels , they target top business executives, entertainment celebrities , high- ranking political figures, and wealthy clientele as their primary markets . They provide upscale restaurants and lounges , Valet, concierge services and also private dining facilities.

 b) Mid-Range Service: - This kind of hotels does not provide elaborate service and have a adequate staffing . They also provide uniformed service , food and beverage room service, in room entertainment's and also Wi-Fi etc.

 c) Budget / Limited Service: These hotels provide clean , comfortable , safe , inexpensive rooms and meet the basic need of guests . Budget hotels appeal primarily to budget minded travellers who wants a room with minimum services and amenities required for comfortable stay, without unnecessary paying additional cost for costly services.

 4. Ownership and Affiliations

 a) Independent / Single Owner Hotels :- They do not have identifiable ownership or management affiliation with other properties. Example for the same would be family owned and operated hotel that is not following any corporate policies or procedures.

 b) Chain hotels :- Hotels which are part of a hotel chain and these kind of ownership usually imposes certain minimum standards, rules , policies and procedures to restrict affiliate activities .

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