Food and Beverage Service is the service of Food made in the Kitchen and Drinks prepared in the Bar to the Customers (Guest) at the Food & Beverage premises, which can be: Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Trains, Companies, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Prisons, Takeaway etc

This is anything edible raw or cooked and it`s not harmful to the human body. 'BEVERAGES' This means drinks or eat any food taken in liquid form. foods and beverages is a subject or study that deals with training students as a profession on how to give good service to customers. in the hostel and catering industry, the trainee or students must be keen ambitious interest,  pleasant way of behaviors and ability to accept changes. As an individual a trainee (waiter or waitress) shows his or her skill in front of the guests or customers by giving the required profession service. as a catering student, there are many chances of jobs or places where are can work.

The food & beverage industry is usually defined by it output of products, to satisfy the various demands of food & drinks of people. Bu it doesn’t include the manufacturing of food & drink and its retailing. In today’s world, the food & beverage service industry has expanded a lot and nowadays, it is serving more than 100 million meals per day. It has spread across all walks of life; Hotel, restaurants, industrial canteen, hospital canteen, railway, airways, all are now part of food & beverage service industry.

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